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Why Use An Healthcare Insurance Broker?

The health insurance marketplace is a confusing network of providers, varying levels of coverage and significant differences in price. When looking for an individual plan, it seems impossible to narrow down all of your options to ensure you're getting the best coverage matched with the lowest annual rate. So what are your options to simplify the process?

What Health Insurance Brokers Do...

Use a Health Insurance Broker! That's how. Health Insurance Brokers are state licensed independent advisors that provide free services to individuals and businesses - helping them select plans and ensuring you are getting all of the coverage you need. Once you sign up with a health insurance plan brokers are paid by individual insurance providers. Health Insurance brokers can provide you all your plan options, advise you on the best one to fit your needs and also secure you the lowest available price in the marketplace often reducing ones monthly health insurance cost by up to as much as 10%. An independent health insurance broker typically represents a handful of health insurance companies and can give accurate information and pricing on policies from each one. Using the information you provide, such as your age and the type of coverage you are looking for, the health insurance broker can give you pricing information on the right policy for you usually within 24 hours.

Are Agents the Same as Brokers?

You may also confuse health insurance brokers with health insurance agents. However there are a myriad of differences between the two. Health Insurance brokers work for an individual insurance company which means when consulting with you they are only providing options, plans and pricing based on what is offered by one network provider. Brokers on the other hand, are state licensed representatives that work with all health insurance providers. Due to the fact that they are not restricted to one insurance providers terms they are more equipped to find exactly the right plan for you that works within your budget.

Will Brokers Get Me a Cheaper Policy?

In short - yes! Health insurance brokers help you compare all of your options available in the health insurance marketplace matched with the best possible pricing - including subsidies that may reduce your monthly payments based on annual income. If you current have the adequate coverage but want to reduce your expenditures brokers are the best route to accomplishing this goal. Health Insurance Brokers will also lay out all of your policy information including co-pay costs, prescription coverage and other medical deductibles to ensure a peace of mind regarding future out of pocket costs.

Brokers Services are Free! - Yes Free!

Independent Health Insurance Brokers do not charge you for their service. Brokers earn a commission from individual insurance companies based on your monthly plan premium. Having this kind of expertise on your side can help save you money, navigate a confusing network of coverage and ultimately help you make an informed consumer decision. Call Us today to get started and review your options within 24 hours.


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